Welcome to the Monthly MakerSpace Moments Blog.  This is a place where I hope to share my journey as an elementary school librarian who’s tackling the popular MakerSpace movement one month at a time.  My goal is to post various activities, success stories and lessons learned as the students and I experiment with and explore different MakerSpace activities each month.  My hopes is that other librarians will also try theses activities and then comment within this blog so that we can all learn and grow together.

My work as a elementary librarian began about 8 years ago, but my life as an educator has passed the 20 year milestone, all in Future Ready District #204 in Aurora, IL.  I began teaching 5th grade for seven years, transitioned to 1st grade for five years and then to LMC Director.  I really love collaborating with my teachers as a Future Ready Librarian to help transform the library space to best promote the 4Cs (communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking) for our students.

When I’m not reading books or looking for new MakerSpace ideas, I am  a wife and mother of two.   You can follow me on Twitter @dawn_vieira.  Feel free to reach out to me via this blog or at monthlymakerspace@gmail.com.

Happy Making!
Dawn Vieira
@dawn_vieira twitter
email: monthlymakerspace@gmail.com




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