Lit Tie Ins

As a school librarian, discovering books, reading books and sharing books with my students will always be one of the best parts of my job.  There is nothing better than when a student comes up to you and tells you how much they loved the book you recommended. This being said, I have found a new excitement as the MakerSpace movement has infected my library and my students.  Watching students try something new, take chances and work together to solve new challenges and problems… what’s not to love about that, too?   So, why not merge literature with MakerSpace activities?  Why not, indeed!  Click on any of the titles below to find out more about each.

Building a Bridge for 21 Elephants:  Engineering and architecture meets literature as students build a bridge to hold 21 elephants and counting just as famous P.T. Barnum did to show skeptics that questioned the Brooklyn Bridge’s strength and integrity.

The Great Fuzz Frenzy: Oh no!  Something has fallen into the prairie dog town!  What is it?  Architects unite as we combine humorous literature with the creation of a straw tower that can remove the dangerous tennis ball from the prairie dog home.

3-D Shapes and Friendshape :  Are your students learning about shapes?  This activity works with different 3-D shapes to determine which is the strongest.   You can also tie in the book Friendshape which takes four friends (all shapes) and shows how friends shape us and stand up for us during life’s ups and downs like the paper shapes in the experiment hold items up.

I’m Trying to Love Spiders:  This hilarious, and informative book has a narrator that does not like spiders.  In order to try and love these little creatures a bit better, the narrator goes through various facts about spiders in hopes that this will help build an appreciate for spiders.  Try out a couple ideas with this book to get your kids creating.