January 2018

Happy New Year!  I don’t know about you, but after having a few days off for Winter Break, I was ready to come back to some making and I’m sure my students are, too.  Here are some new ideas for this month, but be sure to check out my ideas from January 2017 as those are different activities for your MakerSpace.

Make a Snowball Catapult We have had some snow here in Illinois, but it’s been so bitter cold that going outside to play in it has not been an option.  So, as I was pondering that I remember seeing various posts and images for pumpkin catapults during October.  This sparked the idea that these same catapults could be snowball catapults and by using cotton balls or pom poms we could bring the snow fun inside, so to speak.  A quick Google search and I had numerous tutorials on how to make a catapult.  I combined two together from Devin Collier and Buggy and Buddy to create mine.  Click here to download the direction sheet. I hope the kids have as much creating and playing with them as I did!



Beaded Snowflake:  This is an easy craft that requires only two materials which means it’s easy to keep track of and easy to organize.  Students use three pipe cleaners (cut a regular size pipe cleaner in half) to make a snowflake.  They then add 4-5 beads per stem arm and bend pipe cleaner at end to secure.  The blog Early Learning Ideas has a great tutorial and pictures you can use at this station.  I simply put out a sheet of paper with a few pictures and limited directions as I wanted the students to try and problem solve and be creative. Click here for that visual sheet.  Easy and fun!



QuiverVision App:  Last month I did not have any QuiverVision sheets out and I had numerous students question why.  If you don’t know what QuiverVision is, it is an augmented reality app that takes pictures students color and brings them “to life” on a device.  While some of the pages require a purchase to work, there are many free pages that you can use.  This month it fits perfectly as there is a free penguin and snowman sheet to go with this fun activity.



I hope these ideas help you get making this month.  See you in February and Happy Making!