February 2019

I cannot believe it is February already!  This year is going so fast.  It feels hard to catch up, but the students are always ready to make and create new things so let’s do this!   Check out my ideas for this month, but be sure to check out my ideas from February 2018 as those are different activities for your MakerSpace.

Valentine Pattern Block Challenges The blog You Clever Monkey has a great set of free heart pattern block challenge cards you can just print and use.  Go get them by clicking here!  I love putting out pattern blocks in my Makerspace because it’s a resource almost every school or classroom has from math, you can get kids thinking with your challenge or ideas, but inevitably, the kids start creating their own images and designs which is what I love.

valentines cards


Stack the Hearts Challenge:  This challenge is like one of those Minute to Win It games.  I’ve seen this idea on the web often with the candy conversation hearts, but because I want to avoid having food in my Makerspace, I swapped out the candy and purchased some plastic hearts from Amazon.  The challenge then is to see how tall of a tower the students can make using the hearts.  Kids will explore the concepts of weight distribution and balance as they try to make the tallest tower.  I’m hoping this works as well as the candy.  The hearts are not as flat so we’ll have to see!

plastic hearts

Snap Circuits:  I have a teenage son who I love to take things from as he gets older and outgrows or moves on to different interests.  This month, I am “borrowing” his Snap Circuits to see how they work in my makerspace.  Snap Circuits are kits that have directions for “different electronic projects. The pieces, which include snap wires, a slide switch, a resistor, a microphone, and capacitors, snap together easily onto the included plastic grid–no soldering required.”  There are different ones that focus on sounds, lights, arcades, etc.  I have the lights and sounds kits.  I am hoping the kids will find working with circuits and electricity fun and easy as they literally snap the pieces onto the plastic board to make circuits.

Happy Making!